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Two new books of Benito Lertxundi euskara Español English 

Two new books of Benito Lertxundi have just been published: the biography written by Alvaro Feito and a song book with its 50 best known songs. More information in the Basque or Spanish pages.

  More information: Berriak // Noticias

International Basque Language Day euskara Español English 

Euskararen Nazioarteko Eguna

Benito Lertxundi composed a song exclusively for the International Basque Language Day, Dec.3 (Euskararen Nazioarteko Eguna.)  
         - Download MP3 song (2.62 MB)
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Basque lyrics (translation from Basque)
Euskara giza ondarea da:
komunikazio eta batasunerako tresna.
Elkar ulertu eta giza helburu gorenera
heltzeko beharrezko baliabidea.
The Basque language is part of the human heritage: a tool for communication and unity.
A necessary resource to understand each other and achieve the highest human ideal.
Hizkuntzak leuntzen du animalia eta
gizon bilakatzen.
Berak bideratzen elkar laguntza giza
mailan gauzatzeko.
Zentzu horretan hedatzen da herri bakoitzaren beharretara.
Language perfects the animal and
turns it into a human being.
It channels mutual aid for it to be realised
in the human level.
In this sense it reaches out
to the needs of each and every people.
Hizkuntza ispilu leiala da,
non kondairan zehar, herri baten
baldintza sozialak isladatzen diren.
Language is a faithful mirror,
in which a people's social conditions
are reflected throughout history.
Hizkuntzak jakinarazten dio belaunaldi bakoitzari oinarrizko kultura guztia.
In each generation language teaches
all the basic culture.
Bere hizkuntzarekin hautsi duen herriak tradizioa du errausten eta arima epeltzen.
A people that breaks away from its language is a people that destroys its tradition and freezes its soul.
Hizkuntzak bere baitan, herri baten
mundua ulertzeko era gordetzen du, herritarrek hitzegiten dutenean.
Language has in itself the way to understand
the outlook of a people,
when its speakers speak it.
Euskara, gure hizkuntza, giza ondarea da.
Basque, our language, is part of the human heritage.

In 1948, Eusko Ikaskuntza-Basque Studies Society established the International Basque Language Day (ENE - Euskararen Nazioarteko Eguna). It was then decided that the date of December 3rd would be the date that not only the capitals, cities, and towns of the Basque Country would celebrate, but all the Basque organizations worldwide as well, whether they were close or far from the native country.

The 2006 edition brings forth the singer Benito Lertxundi who has composed a song specifically for this celebration . At the same time, we would like to invite Basques and those interested in Basques worldwide to show their support for the Basque language.

  More information: Euskomedia // Eusko Ikaskuntza // EuskoSare

Interview with Benito in El Correo newspaper Spanish

The singer talks about his life, his passion to continue singing and many things that still have the power to amaze him. He also talks about the peace process in the Basque Country and seems a bit (the interview was made in the first weeks of the cease fire), but he warns:

"It is said that peace is the goal, but peace is always the consequence of something."

  More information: El Correo

More Benito scores in Aho bete Kanta website  Euskera Español Française

Aho bete kanta

  More information: Aho Bete Kanta

New double CD released !!!  Basque Spanish English French

40 urtez ikasten egonak - Zuzenean  
40 urtez ikasten egonak - Zuzenean

The new double CD of Benito Lertxundi "40 urtez ikasten egonak - Zuzenean" (40 years learning - Live ) has been today announced through a press note sent to the media, although the official presentation will be next Oct.13 in a press conference to be held in Bilbao.

The record, recorded during the live performances at Liceo Theater in Gernika (03-March-2005) and Leidor Hall in Tolosa (11-March-2005) with his regular band members (Juantxo Zeberio, Pello Ramirez, Angel Unzu, Olatz Zugasti, Fernando Ederra, Kutxo Otxoa and Jose Mari Irastorza, among others). It includes a long list of the songs he has been singing during the last 40 years and it also includes two new songs: "Itsasoari begira" (Looking at the sea) and Olatz Zugasti's song "Itoitz".

It is already available in the Megadenda stores (only in the Basque Country) or through their Megadenda website (they ship internationally too). Price: 20,10 €

  More information: Elkar Argitaletxea // Megadenda // Gin&Tonik

A new live album from Benito for Autumn  Basque Spanish English French

Elkar publuishing house gathered in Orio four well-known Basque singers, Mikel Laboa, Benito Lertxundi, Mikel Urdangarin and Pier-Paul Berzaitz, to announce that each one will publish a new record this next autumn. Benito Lertxundi's album will be available in October. A live album, the first in his career, called Zuzenean - 40 urtez ikasten egonak (Live - 40 years learning) will be a double-cd edition with two concerts already held this spring in Gernika and Tolosa. He sings along with his stable group components, Pello Ramírez, Anjel Unzu and Olatz Zugasti, among others. The album will contain two new songs: "Itoitz" and "Itsasoari Begira"

  More information: Elkar Publishing House

New book from Alvaro Feito Basque Spanish English French

A new book in Spanish titled Benito Lertxundi - El Bardo de Orio has been published by Ediciones La Voz del Folk. It is a biographical book from his early beginnings until his last concerts with testimonies from friends, quotes from newspapers and full of W&B and colour pictures. There is a nice discography section in the end with his early EP-s and all his official LP and CD records. It will be available in most of the bookshops in the Basque Country and probably in some of the bigger ones in Madrid or Barcelona. You can order online at Megadenda web site.

  More information: ISBN: 84-609-3139-0 // Price: 22,00 €

Webpages updated to the W3C's HTML standard Basque Spanish English French

We are still updating some of the English, Spanish and French pages to the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) HTML standard. We are using the HTML 4.01 Transitional standard which is one of the most basic ones. Thanks to this, we hope to be 100% compatible across all the web browsers, including the recent Firefox 1.0 and Opera 8.0 browsers. We recommend one of those to Micro$oft's Internet Explorer. They are fast, secure and available in other operating systems, like MacOS and Linux. Below are the links to Firefox and Opera:

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All his first albums remastered and in special format  Basque Spanish English French

News from Benito Lertxundi's publishing house:

All his first albums remastered and in special format
Benito Lertxundi’s first albums will be presented this autumn remastered and in a special format which, in the cases of Zuberoa and Altabizkar, recovers the songs which where not included in the first edition of the CD. The albums to be presented are: “Ez dok amairu”, “Oro laino mehe batek”, “…eta maita herria ükan dezadan plazera”, “Zuberoa”, “Altabizkar”, “Pazko gaierdi ondua”, “Mauleko bidean”, “Gaueko ele isilen balada” and “Hitaz oroit”.
 - Date of Release: November 2004

  More information: Elkar Publishing House

Kilometroak 2004 - Orio-Zarautz Basque Spanish English
Benito KmK2004 hasiera eman ondoren - Argazkia Deia Kilometroak 2004, the Basque schools day in Gipuzkoa, was a success with almost 100.000 people that have met today in Zarautz and Orio. Benito Lertxundi has cut the opening band in the morning.
   More information in the following links:
         - Berria Basque
Deia / Argazkia (picture scanned from Deia) Basque
Gara / Gara (published on September 29) Spanish
         - Diario Vasco / El Correo Spanish
         - Basque / Spanish / English Basque Spanish English

A new live album to be released next year  Basque 
The Basque newspaper Berria published an interview with Benito. He expressed his motivation to record a new record, but this time a live album. It will be probably published next year.
   More information: Berria newspaper/ Scanned article 

Scores, chords and tabs  Basque Spanish English French
We have included a new section of scores, so you can play Benito's songs. Currently there are 13 songs but we hope to include some more.
   More information: Scores  

French translation  French
After a long wait, Daniel Trichine from Ziburu contacted us and helped us doing the translation to French of all webpages. Thanks a lot!
   More information: Benito Lertxundi in French  

Kilometroak 2004 record Basque Spanish English French
The song Balearen bertsoak appears in the record prepared for Kilometroak 2004. Benito sings along with the pupils from Orio Herri Ikastola.
   More information: Discography  

We updated the Discography section Basque Spanish English French
We have updated the discography section with new records where BL has worked with other artists: Kepa Junkera (now available his best-selling record Bilbao 00:00h in Amazon US) and Antonio Breschi. We will try to put some more information, though these records are extremely rare and hard to find. See you soon. Julen and Fermin.
   More information: Discography  

Interviews in a Basque magazine Basque 

Benito Lertxundi in Benicassim Catalan Spanish 
Basque singer Benito Lertxundi will play next Saturday April 12 in the Teatre Municipal of Benicàssim (next to Castellon - Valencia) at 22:30h in the Altres músiques (Other musics) series. You can buy the tickets through Telentrada or in the ticket office outside the theater starting one hour before the concert (15 Euros). Address: Pl. Constitució, 3; Benicàssim - Telephone#: (+34) 96 430 26 05
   Más información: - Ciclo Altres músiques PDF 

Our Benito Lertxundi's new website opened! Basque Spanish French English
This is Benito Lertxundi website.
We started this site in 1998, with only a couple of albums and great enthusiasm. After almost five years we have decided to renew completly this website. Here is the result of our dreams and work...
   More information:  

Benito will sing in Getxo's Kantuketan series  Basque Spanish
Igandean (12an), kantautoreen alorrean sartuko gara, gure kantaririk ezagunenetako batekin, Benito Lertxundirekin. Orioko kantaria Getxon porturatuko da, azken lana berekin dakarrela: "Nire ekialdean". Disko honetan bere heldutasun artistikoa erakusten du, eta Fernando Pessoaren poesia eta itsasoarenganako mina bikain uztartzen ditu.
   More information:  Basque  Spanish

Benito Lertxundi delays two concerts for the weekend Basque
Benito Lertxundi kantariak atzeratu egin behar izan ditu asteburu honetan eskaini behar zituen bi kontzertuak, eztarrian duen arazoa dela-eta. «Ahotsa ez zaio grabe eta agudoetara iristen, eta asteburu honetan zituen kontzertuak atzeratu beharra izan du. Espero dugu hurrengo astebururako ondo izatea», azaldu zuten.
   More information: