DupeCRCDetect changed home!
DupeCRCDetect's new home is pi.logiqx.com


DupeCRCDetect is a little utility which scans folders and shows the duplicate files it finds. I wrote it for myself, to help me organize and clean large collections of files, like images, lyrics, etc.

DupeCRCDetect works by calculating the CRC32 of the possible duplicates. A CRC32 is some kind of a checksum which is not designed to, but can be used to identify file contents. So if two files have the same CRC32, then there's a great chance that they have the same contents.

DupeCRCDetect has many functionalities designed to help managing large amounts of duplicates in different folders. Some of its functions have little use and others are for every day. Little tricks are hiding around the corner, so you only have to start using the program to learn a few ways of making your duplicated-life easy.

Use DupeCRCDetect with care, anyway. It allows to delete files from your hard disk, and any tool which allows you to do these things is inherently dangerous.

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