The Providence Protected The Holy Grail
Against A Dishonest Search.

In the Summer of 1936 a wave of Marxist fanatism had invaded the mind of most Valencian people. It was the beginning of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), a raging mob had stormed into a monastery of monks, the church of Santos Juanes etc., destroying and burning archives, libraries, mural paintings and other very valuable masterpieces.

July, 21th, 1936. Those was a hot morning, the mob was gathered in the surrounding area of Cathedral of Valencia. This temple kept relics which value was inestimable, but standing out the rest was the Holy Grail, the Chalice used by the Lord to establish the Eucharist. The priests in charge of its custody were terrified, not by fear of their own death but by fear the people were going to destroy this Holy Grail of the Last Supper.

At this moment the mob was devastating the adjacent temples: San Valero, San Agustin and others.

Sooner or later they were going to loot the sacred temple, so the priests opted to move the Grail out the Cathedral.

At nine o'clock they celebrated the Mass, being very few people present inside the temple, they commended to God the Santo Caliz fate. When the Mass came at the end, the plan of escape was established by D. Elias Olmos Canalda (Archivist Canon of the Cathedral), M.I. Sr Prevendado D. Juan Senchermes, D. Juan Colomina (Chaplain) and Jose Folch (sacristan).

It was not a good idea that one of them took the Grail, because the raides knowing them would easily find their location, then would start interrogations, probably tortures, etc. The better strategy was the Grail being taken by a unknown faithful Christian.

The divine Providence had managed that between the assistents to the Mass was present a young and pious lady, Maria Sabina Suey Vanaclocha, she was the one who was entrusted the dangerous mission of the Holy Grail hidding.

The Santo Caliz was wrapped with silk and camouflaged with newspapers, then was taken by the young lady going out through the mob and stroding towards her home, Elias Olmos and Jose Folch went camouflaged behind her in order to prevent a possible interception. Maria Sabina reached safety her home placed at number 3, stage 3, in Primado Reig road.

Three hours later the Marxists penetrated the Cathedral, burning pews, confessionals, doors, even the tabernacle..., destroying the very valuable valencian tapestry of XVI century, marvelous paintings, jewelry, relics, etc.

Apparently nobody was realizing the Holy Grail absence, but sudenly came on the scene a prestigious man, member of Freemasonry (his name is silenced in this happy story) which solo objective was the seizure of Santo Caliz. He was searching for it everywhere being astonished at its absence, but finally he left the devastated temple without ask explanations about it.

However, this man continued with his particular search of the Grail, during days he was interrogating to people until obtain a track. He ordered to search into Elias Olmos' home and every Olmos' friend's home.

Among these Olmos' friends was the Suey family, the guardians of the Grail. The 'Rojos' (Marxists) appeared at their home to search it, (7th August 1936,) the Suey's were not waiting this kind of visite, so they had hidden the Grail in a not good hiding place, in fact it was inside a drawed of wardrobe...

Miracously the Rojos didn't execute an exhaustive search that day and they left the house very quickly making the promise to come back other day.

Three days later the ringleader sent a message to D. Elias Olmos claiming know the house where the Grail was hidden, threatening with to kill the whole family if it was not delivered to the Marxist authorities. This assert seemed a bluff because the Rojos were continuing the search.

(August, 29, 1936) The Rojos appeared again at Suey's home carrying rifles and pistols. Now the Grail was in a bit better hiding place, inside the cavity underneath the wardrobe hidden with a simulated floorboard. This was a meticulous search, each department, each and ever piece of furniture, each drawer was examined. The wardrobe above the Santo Caliz was twice examined but miracously that was an unsuccessful search. The Rojos were trying took the young lady Suey probably to interrogate her about Elias Olmos' where-abouts but one of them, Pepe, friend of Suey's family persuaded them not do it. Elias Olmos was considered by the Rojos the main responsible of Grail disappearance, in view of this fact he had hide during the whole period of conflict. The Rojos were interrogating and tortureing Olmos' friends in order to locate him.

The young lady Suey, trying to find a safer place to live, moved with the Grail to her brother's home, at number 7, Pelayo road. The Santo Caliz was hidden inside an armchair. During the time she was there the Rojos appeared twice looking for the Holy Grail, but the Providence didn't permited it be located. According to D. Salvador Simon Fort, Olmos's friend that was infiltrated in the Rojos' gang, a Jewish group of Amsterdam was bidding about $100,000 for the Holy Grail.

(January, 30, 1997) In view of the danger was not different here, M. Sabina Suey opted to return her home carrying the Santo Caliz. This time they hid the Grail in a hole under the kitchen sink covering it with a tiled wall. During months nobody appeared searching the Grail but the kitchen where it was hidden was requiring a serious repair. Then (June, 20, 1937) the Grail was moved to Carlet, a little village 25 km from Valencia, at the lady Suey's sister home. There the Grail was hidden in a similar hiding place: a hole inside a tiled wall.

The Grail remained in Carlet for 22 months, on (29 th March 1939) ended the war in Valencia area with the Rojos withdrawal. At the next day (March, 30, 1939) lady Suey presented the Grail to authorities, she had accomplished her mission. We, the Christians, will appreciate forever the Doņa Maria Sabina Suey's heroic act.

On the 9th April, Maundy Thursday, the Santo Caliz was presented to the Excl. Council of the Catedral Metropolitana de Valencia. The Grail stayed in 'La Lonja' for three months while the Cathedral was repaired. Finaly, on the 9th July, 1083 days later, the Santo Caliz was returned to the Cathedral.

  (Based on the book, "Como Fue Salvado el Santo Caliz de la Cena"   by D. Elias Olmos Canalda. )