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" Bermeotarrak" fanfarrea


Street-music,  traditional songs, parades, marches...

We have been making Bermeo and its people enjoy for 25 years.


Everyone in Bermeo knows about this group which was founded in 1978 as "fanfarridse" or "txarangie". José Antonio Egia made a group os friends's dream come true, with the first performance a year before the above mentioned. Since then, "Bermeotarrak" has been making our streets happy and full of life.

In the begining, they just used txirulas, acordions and maybe other wind instrument but nowadays, they look like a small band, above all, which relating to their mind. Their main goal has always been to get their music nearer to people so they mainly base on ilusion, efforts and every one's desire. All the members always colaborate and their opinion is highly taking into account, no one feels obliged at all. All this and they love all of them feel for Bermeo can be regarded as the group engine.

Many people have taken part in the group these 25 years. There are sixteen musicians today and then Poli Larrinaga who has been awarded with the honorable clarinet and who received a warm reception to a prize his whole life devoted to music. 

Despite not taking part in the performances, Poli is still bound to the group. Nowadays the group consits of four percusionists, a bass, an euphonium, two trombones, two trumpets, two saxophones and four clarinets.

In all those 25 years, "Bermeotarrak" have been with the village and their music has filled the village streets, St. John Eve, Magdalen Day Eve in Baztarre and the Day, carnivals, christmas, east marches... We have also been able to enjoy this group at several official acts that have to do with culture.

The group have also performed out of Bermeo, for instance, Bilbao, Gasteiz, Donibane Lohitzun and many villages in Bizkaia and Araba. It must be quoted taht this organization don't get any sponsciship. They survive on the money they win with their performances. Whatever they earn is to buy and repair instruments, to keep their headquarters and so on. However, they generally hold lunches or dinners on special occasions for example, Sta. Cecilia.

Bermeotarrak have worked hard, patiently and efficiently in their music and have also been able to perform old songs composed or played in the begining of the century by José Franco's Band. That's why we can listen to composer such as, Franco, Furés, Solabarrieta, Erauzkin or Egia, among the times they are used to performing.

The organization celebrated its 25 ANNIVERSARY in 2003. So, their "music band weekend", the special concert in the Incernatinal Music Week of Bermeo and the celebration party with old members should be taken into account.



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Name and surname

Instrument Photo
Biotz Fradua Agirre Clarinet
Markel Fernández García Clarinet
Saioa Gangoiti Gabantxo Clarinet
Etor E. Lucio Eceiza Clarinet
Rakel Fernández Allika Clarinet
Jesus Dios Leciñana Alt saxophone
Aitor Beitia Esteban Tenor saxophone
Sabino Gómez Mujika Trumpet
Ander Bilbao Arruti Trumpet
Alberto Astui Zarraga Trombone

Ander Atxikallende López Trombone
Aingeru Astui Zarraga Euphonium
David Alonso Corta Tube
Víctor Mallabiabarrena Petrina Percusion
Gaizka Beitia Esteban Drum
Egoitz Zarallo Aurtenetxe Bass drum
Josu Ander Arruabarrena Blanco Cymbals



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Usual programme


- The Three Wise Kings Parad (january 5)

- Lantz carnival, with "ALKARTASUNA dantza taldea" (2004-II-21)

 - Carnival tuesday street-music (february/march)

- Easter Marches (1998-2003)

- Bermeo Fish Fair, street-music (may)

- St. John Day Eve, street-music (june 23)

- Magdalen Day Eve performation (july 21)

- Magdalen Day, traditional dances (july 22)

- Andra Mari & Sta. Eufemia festivals, traditional songs (september 7)

- St. Cecili, street-music (november 22)

- Christmas performances at St. Maria and St. Francisco parrishes (december)

- Christmas Eve, Christmas songs (december 24)




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