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The ACTS mission

The objective of ACTS (Academic Consulting and Translating Services) is to facilitate researchers to publish the results of their investigations, either as research papers or grant applications, by attending to the linguistic and logical aspects of written manuscripts.

ACTS seeks to improve the quality and readability of research papers and grant applications, so that they are more attractive to referees/evaluators and as a consequence, more likely to be published/funded.

We can also help you to create your own Web in English, to help disseminate the results of your research all over the world.

The ACTS Team

The ACTS team is made up of a science researchers, linguistic specialists and scientific editors. 

Our clients have published in a wide range of prestigious journals including Brit. J. Dent. Res.; Development; Eur. J. Pharmacol.; Forensic. Sci. Int.; Hepatol.; Int. J. Dev. Biol.; J. Neurosci.; J. Pharmacol.; Molecular Psychiatry; Nature; Neurobiol. Disease; Palaeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol.; PNAS USA...

Contact Information

ACTS provides highly competive prices due to reduced overhead expenses. Thus, ACTS works exclusively via e-mail  and FTP (file transfer protocol to transfer large images). 

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